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Product Description

  • Product Subject
  • Mesh backed pavers pattern 10540
  • Material :
  • Mixed Colors :
    G603 Light Grey
    G654 Dark Grey
    G682 Yellow
    G666 Rred Porphyry
    G684 Black Pearl
    Cream Color Porfido
  • Product Size :
  • 650 x 540 x 50mm, custom sizes and designs available per requirements
  • Finishes:
  • Top and sides natural split, rest sides sawn cut
  • Description:
  • mesh backing granite pavers
    We supply mesh backed granite pavers, basalt pavers, porphyry pavers, slate pavers,and other natual stone pavers with vast design at very affordable costs; colors are available with gray, red, black, pink, green and yellow; surface finishes could be choosed from natural split, flamed, tumbled and sawn-cut, Custom jobs are also available

Product Photos

mesh backed granite pavers

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