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g562 granite
Technical Data (Specifications)
Material Name: G562
Other Name(s) Used: Maple Red, Cengxi Red, Sanbao Red
Water Absorption Rate: 0.24
Rock Density (W.A.) : 2.62g/cm3
Compressive Strength: 161.67Mpa
Bending Strength: 8.89 Mpa
Scleroscope Hardness: -
Abrasion Res. Hardness: -
Application: Flooring, walling, paving, countertop, monumental, facading

g562 quarryG562 (Maple Red) is red, middle-grained granite original from Guangxi province, southwest of China. The quarry located at Cengxi City.

G562 is a well recognized granite by designers and consumers demestically and internationaly, more and more projects start to use g562 for flooring, paving, walling and facading applications.

G562 Granite (Mapled red) can accept well most types of finishings, such as polished, flamed, bushhammered, chiselled, sandblast, among of all, the polishing and flaming is the mostly used finishes.

G562 granite is a very unique reddish granite which can be processed to series of products per requirements, including tiles,windowsills,steps, urban furniture, fountains, memorial monumentals, landscaping and garding decorations.

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